How is it almost December?!

We put our Christmas tree up extra early this year because we were getting ready for the arrival of our sweet rescue dog from Puerto Rico. Her name is Pancake, she is 7 months old,  and she is the best dog we’ve ever had. The rescue org guesses that Pancake is part Dachshund, part Golden Retriever…but to us, she’s 100% perfect. She is sweet, smart, cuddly, playful, and smiles all day long. We are so grateful to have her as part of our family! After going 9 years between dogs, our life feels extra full of goodness right now. Be sure to follow our Instagram feed for “Your Daily Pancake” posts. 

We have lots of new holiday pieces up in the store! Be sure to check them out here.

The 6x6 mini framed canvases make amazing gifts that travel great!


I love changing out my mini framed canvases around the house according to what season we are in. Instant festive decor that makes me happy. 

And December’s Free Wallpaper is now available! Woot woot! 

You can download it here.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday season! Everyone here at Cathy Walters Art is so grateful for your continued support of our business!

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