It’s September!

Which means it’s time for a free phone screensaver! Yay! Download here. Feel free to share the link. 
Chris and I have been going through an unexpected remodel of our basement after a water pipe burst in one of the walls and flooded most of the finished space. It’s been messy and buggy and messy again. But it will all be sorted out in time. I just wish I could snap my fingers and everything would be back into place. Lol! Patience is hard. 

In other news, there are lots of new items in the store, including a ton of fall pieces. Check them out by clicking this link...fall awesomeness.

Coming up on social media...I'm going to be sharing how to change out some of your decor to celebrate the new season without any of that holiday stress. Sound impossible? nope! I'll show you how. 

AND...if you are in or near Connecticut (it's a small state!), I'm doing a POP-UP at Bungalow on the Ave. in Berlin, CT on Sept 30th. More details on that soon. woohoo!

To everyone who supports me, reads this, follows me on IG, or just says hi to me in the grocery store...I am so grateful for you! You help fuel this artist to do more art for your life and home. Thank you!


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